So, before, when we had Pervasive on that 32bit server, the most you
could raise the L1 cache to was 2GB. The reason Pervasive crashed was
that I raise the cache to 2.4GB. Even if a 32bit server has 4GB or RAM,
the most 32bit Pervasive can be set to is 2GB or it crashes.

You’ll remember, that after I did this mistake of making it 2.4GB, there
was no way to access the Pervasive GUI to change it back!

However, if this ever happens to anyone else, the way you can change is
back is through the registry (regedit). In there, look for Local Machine
> Software > Pervasive > MicroKernel Server Engine > Settings > Cache

This is how we could have undone that mistake.

Now, on the 64bit machine (with Pervasive 11 64bit installed), I still
had performance issues about the same, until I did some performance

What made it start running fast was this:

Pervasive Control Center > Under Engines, right-click on the “Database”
node, and go to “Properties”

Then go to “Performance Tuning”.

Change Cache Allocation Size to a size greater than the customers entire
database (if the server is 64bit, and pervasive is 64bit,  and if the
server has “that much RAM” and “enough more to tend to its own
non-pervasive tasks too”).

So, in our case, our database is about 3gigs. So I made the Cache
Allocation Size 4096MB (4GB).

After making this change, and restarting the server, performance has
been fast as ever.

Courtesy of Lonnie at Best Stainless.