Open the Pervasive Control Center and browse to the live database. Open the table "gl_posted_trxs" and query for the out of balance entry. Adjust the balance of the out of balance entry by changing the amount in the trx_amount column.

Make note of the gl_account_no and transaction_date values for the modified record as you will need this information for the next step.

In MetalTrax, open the gl account inquiry screen and enter the gl account number of the modified record and then the date range for the month in which the transaction date falls. Make note of the net change column, you will need this for the third step.

Back in the Pervasive control center, open the gl_accounts table. query the table for the gl_account_no of the modified record and find the period_balance_xx where xx is the gl period in which the transaction date of the modified record falls, and change that balance to match the net change value from the gl account inquiry screen in step 2.


If several posted gl transactions for multiple gl accounts need to be modified it is better to get all users out of the system and run the resync gl period balances utility in the MetalTrax utilities program.

If the transactions are in the unposted general ledger, then they can be modified in the gl_unposted_trx table and the gl_account balances do not need to be modified/resync'd.