If someone is logged onto the system when an update process is underway, you will get a 70 Error. 


Verify that all users are out of the program on their workstations and that they do not log back in before the update is complete. 

Check that all users are logged out of the Pervasive tables by opening up your Pervasive Monitor under the Pervasive -> Utilities folder and click Users from the Micro kernel menu. If there are users still logged in, you can kick them out of the program by clicking on the "delete all users" button.

If you cannot access the Pervasive Monitor program, you can also ensure that all users and files are released by stopping and restarting the Transactional and Relational Pervasive Services on your server. To do this, log onto your Server, right click on "My Computer"  and click "Manage" from the menu.  When the Computer Management Console launches, click on Applications and Services, then Services, and then scroll down the list of services in the right hand window to find the Pervasive Services. Restart both Pervasive Services.

Before restarting the update process, you will have to browse to your Live Data folder and delete the update FOLDER that the previous update program created. If you do not delete this folder, you will get an error message saying that another update is already in progress.