If you want to copy all the g/l accounts from feature 2303 into another branch with another extension, like .02. In the example below, I am copying Branch Main's gl sales accounts to Branch SWA02 and adding the .02 extension. SQL statement: INSERT INTO "gl_sales_accounts" ( SELECT 'SWA02' as "branch_id" ,category_id ,round(gl_acct_sales,1) +0.02 as "gl_acct_sales" ,round(gl_acct_cogs_or_purc,1)+0.02 as "gl_acct_cogs_or_purc" ,round(gl_acct_returns,1) +0.02 as "gl_acct_returns" ,round(gl_acct_inv_asset,1) +0.02 as "gl_acct_inv_asset" FROM gl_sales_accounts AS g WHERE g.branch_id = 'MAIN' );