OK, we had an issue where all machines could run Metaltrax fine except one machine was getting an error 3012.  We checked security, we reinstalled Pervasive, we reinstalled Metaltrax, still same error.  We were able to connect to the ODBC and see and access the tables, we could even get to the network drive, and create a txt file, save it, etc.  So, we ran a search on google and found the following:

So we ran the regedit and deleted the sat entries and we were then able to get into Metaltrax.  Please put in knowledge base for future reference.


So just this one XP client has problems connecting to the server? 
1) Is the firewall set up differently on this box?
2) Try deleting your SAT entries to see if NSL saved incorrect information. Use regedit and navigate to 
--- Pervasive Software
---- Communications Requester
----- Version 8
------ Settings
and delete
... all "SatEntry<#>" entries 

3) Run PSA (Pervasive System Analyzer) and run the "Test Active Installation" tests to see what it reports and the suggestions it makes.