"The record or page is locked."

This error occurs when one user has a system table "locked" and is inadvertently preventing other users from accessing it. Typically, this error occurs when a user has their cursor in the Sales Order number field without returning or tabbing through to assign the order a number.  Leaving the cursor in the SO# field has the potential to "lock" the next so number field in the tables and will prevent other users from being able to create an order. 


Go around and get your users out of the system one at a time until the 84 error goes away. If all users are out of the system and the error persists, restart the Pervasive services on the server. 

Make sure that users are not leaving the Sales Order form open with their cursor in the SO# field. We have added code to help prevent this error from ocuring, but the error still seems to be an issue from time to time.